Complete Diets

Looking for Crested Gecko Diet? We provide only the best options available for your gecko food choices. Frugivorous geckos feed not only on insects but pollen, nectar, fruit, and even young rodents in the wild. Offering your pet gecko a nutritionally balanced diet with variation is key for enrichment and health of your Crested Gecko. Whether it's Repashy Crested Gecko Diet or Pangea Fruit Mix, all of the diets offered here are nutritionally balanced to be complete formulas with the right ratio of nutrition, vitamins, and calcium -- taking the guesswork out of feeding your pet gecko food from the start. All gecko food diets are in the form of Meal Replacement Powders. Each MRP, no matter what brand, is easy to prepare by adding purified water by volume to create a puree with a ketchup consistency.

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